Our Services


We offer select packages to best fit your needs. No matter If, it's a single trip from the airport or you choose our 24 hr. VIP Elite service, you'll always be equally valued and met with the same quality service, quality & peace of mind knowing you are our priority.


The list of our transportation services include 1 hr., 3 hr., 6 hr., 9 hr., 12 hr. & 24 hr. We can quote to your specific needs and offer our best pricing with the customers who choose to extend our services. As with most things in Myrtle Beach our prices fluctuate with demand and need for our services based on weeks and events. We will always do our best to not only stay competitive but also to build your trust and earning your repeat business.


With our service you'll always be in the best hands. Enjoy your time here with no worries & knowing we have you covered. We have 3 levels of service & each tier is based on the length of service and the extend of time you use us while visiting the grand strand.

Services We Provide



This is our highest level of service and lowest cost value for our premium customers with extended needs. This is also classified as our VIP program. With this service you will always have a guaranteed ride, little planning by your group is required or needed, and we will go the extended mile to be at your service and meet your every need 24 hours a day. This program allows us to dedicate a car to your group and ensure that we have every ability to deliver everything we’ve got in making this your best trip ever to the Grand Strand. This program is 100% backed & Guaranteed by the company and exclusive to the area by only Myrtle Beach Executive Golf and travel. 

Traffic flow is a major part of the service, meeting your requests and efficiently using your vacation time. We will always look for routes that offer us the best option according to your needs. We know the shortcuts, backstreets & every possible way to safely meet your needs and do our best to accommodate your request times. 



These include single rides or multiple rides that are unplanned and not scheduled in our daily course of production. We value these rides and will work with you on a case-by-case basis. Our goal will be to earn your future business & get you into our Tier 2 or 3 service for future visits.   



This Tier level is set for those who work with us to plan, reserve, and ensure we are prepared for multiple trips with us and work with us to plan the accommodations and trips during your visit. This will help us ensure that we meet your needs, earn your trust and build a strong lasting relationship.